Blick aus meinem Fenster
unglaublich unbeschreiblich unfassbar-schön

once i was on my own...when was it....a year ago? now theres seemly someone there for me whom i never thought of he could love me just like i love him.. but does he? we´re together but are we really together? its so unbelievable for a prson who never had much luck or fortune... but does it matter if he doesn´t feel the way i feel? i think ill never really know how his feelings are and so ill stand still and lie there in your arms.. with this charming wonderful feeling which i cant evn describe.. you once asked me if i wanted to come with you to the seaside.. but i never really realised what you were longing for.. im just loving you in every kind of way...but youre now far away... please please come back to me my biggest! was i naive so? i now think my worries were a silly kind.. every time i look into your eyes everythings clear.. youre the one and it looks like im the one for you! but we are for ourselfs the only ones who know exactly.. youve got to stay!!
24.9.07 00:08

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